Monday, June 7, 2021

End Times Transmission 521


Heaven and Hell (AKA Black Sabbath) - "Breaking in to Heaven" from The Devil you Know (Roadrunner, 2009)
Tank – “The War Drags Ever On” from Honor and Blood (Music for Nations, 1984)
Motörhead - "Speedfreak" from Iron Fist (Bronze, 1982)
Cloven Hoof – “Nightstalker” from Cloven Hoof (Neat, 1984)
Exciter – “Mistress of Evil” from Heavy Metal Maniac (Shrapnel, 1983)
Razor – “Armed and Dangerous” from Armed and Dangerous (Voice, 1984)
King Woman – “Morning Star” from Celestial Blues (Relapse, 2021) (Request)
Coffin Lurker – “Of Suffering” from Foul and Defiled (Sentient Ruin, 2021)
The Body - "Empty Hearth" from All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood (At a Loss, 2010) (Request)
The Melvins - "Roman Bird Dog" from Lysol (Boner, 1992) (Request)
Subrosa - "Troubled Cells" from "For This we Fought the Battle of Ages" (Profound Lore, 2016)
Anti-God Hand – “Zero Harm Environment” from Wretch (American Decline, 2021)
Mayhem – “Voces Ab Alta” from Atavistic Black Order/Kommando (Century Media, 2021)
Darkthrone – “Hate Cloak” from Eternal Hails (Peaceville, 2021)

Friday, May 28, 2021

End Times Transmission Vol. 520


Black Sabbath - "Psychophobia" from Cross Purposes (IRS, 1994)
Cloud Rat - "Mother Tongue/ Glitter Belly" from the Adult Swim Singles Series (Adult Swim, 2021)
Yautja - "A Killing Joke" from The Lurch (Relapse, 2021)
Fuck the Facts - "Dropping Like Flies" from Pleine Noiceur (Noise Salvation, 2020) (Request)
The Art of Burning Water - "Since His Collapse" from This Disgrace (Riot Season/SuperFi/Swarm of Nails, 2013)
Drainland - "The Coldest Ward" from their Split with Enabler (De Graanrepubliek, Halo Of Flies, 2012)
Big Brave - "Abating The Incarnation Of Matter" from Vital (Southern Lord, 2021)
Botfly - "Good Intentions, Bad Decisions"  from Parasitic Oscillation (Self Released, 2014) (Request)
Throat - "Deadpan" from Smile Less (Svart, 2021)
Bermuda Love - "Red" from Triangle (Grind Central, 2016)
An Autumn for Crippled Children - "Splendor Unnoticed" from As Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes (Prosthetic, 2021)
Blessings - "Black Vestals" from Biskopskniven (Pelagic, 2021)
Caveman Cult - "Conquistador de Hierro" from Blood and Extinction (Nuclear War Now! 2021)
Portal - "Eye" from Avow (Profound Lore, 2021) (Request)
Exumer - "Possessed by Fire" from
Possessed by Fire (Disaster, 1986)
Entombed - "Chaos Breed" from Clandestine (Earache, 1991)
Coroner - "No Need to Be Human" from No More Color (Noise International, 1989)

End Times Transmission Vol. 519 - Son of the "Live Show"


Black Sabbath - "Children of the Grave" from Live at Last (Nems, 1980)
Pig Destroyer - "Starbelly" from Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC (Relapse, 2021)
Deadguy - "Makeshift Atomsmasher" from I Know Your Tragedy (Hawthorne Street, 2000)
Sepultura - "Policia" from Under A Pale Grey Sky (Roadrunner, 2002) (Request)
Yautja - "A Crawl" from An Audiotree Live Session (Audiotree, 2016) (Request)

Today is the Day - "Color of Psychic Power" from Live till You Die (Relapse, 2000)
Unsane - "Trench" from Attack in Japan (Bloody Butterfly, 1996)
The Jesus Lizard - "Boilermaker" from Show (Giant, 1994)
Mudhoney - "Here Comes Sickness" from Live at Third Man Records (Third Man, 2014)
Black Flag - "My War" from Who's Got the 10 1/2? (SST, 1986)
The Melvins - "Anaconda" from Your Choice Live Series (Your Choice, 1991) (Request)
Eyehategod - "Sisterfucker pt 1&2" from 10 Years of Abuse and still Broke (Century Media, 2001)
Soundgarden - "Beyond the Wheel" from Live at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, 1992 (A&M, 2016)
Isis - "So Did We" from Live 3 - 12.17.04 (Self Released, 2005)
Swans - "Like a Drug" from Feel Good Now (Self Released, 1988)

End Times Transmission Vol. 518


Heaven and Hell (AKA Black Sabbath) - "Rock N Roll Angel" from The Devil you Know (Roadrunner, 2009)
Voivod - "Lost Machine" from The Outer Limits (MCA, 1993)
Anthrax - "In My World" from Persistence of Time (Island, 1990)
Ozzy Osbourne - "Over the Mountain" from Diary of a Madman (Jet Records, 1981)
Our Place of Worship is Silence - "Disavowed, and Left Hopeless" from
Disavowed, and Left Hopeless (Translation Loss, 2021)
Altarage - "Negative Arrival" from Succumb (Season of Mist, 2021)
Snet - "Kum Kadaver" from Mokvání v okovech (Blood Harvest, 2021)
Death - "See Through Dreams" from Human (Relativity, 1991) (Request)
Dethgod - "Disease Called Humans" from Disease Called Humans (Self Released, 2018) (Request)
Begrime Exemious - "Filthy Sodomite of Christ" from Tour Tape MMXIII (Self Released, 2013)
Cryptopsy -  "Crown of Horns" from None So Vile (Wrong Again, 1996)
Bleeding Out - "Choose Your Own Extinction" from Life Long Death Fantasy (Profound Lore, 2020)
Witchfinder General - "Witchfinder General" from Death Penalty (Heavy Metal, 1972)
Boris - "Furi" from Akuma No Uta (Diwphalanx, 2003)
Om - "Flight of the Eagle" from Conference of the Birds (Leaf House, 2005)

End Times Transmission Vol. 517


Black Sabbath - "After All (The Dead)" from Dehumanizer (Reprise, 1992)
Femur - "The Shakes" from For the Love of It (Self Released, 2020)
Throat - "Vanilla Cuts" from Smile Less (Svart, 2021)
Eyelet - "See How You Rise" from The Devil Shining out of Your Eyes (The Ghost is Clear/ Zegema/ I Corrupt, 2020)
Drug Church - "Tawny" from Tawny (Self Released, 2021)
Infinity Land - "The Sky is Laughing at Us" from the The Ghost is Clear 2021 Samples (The Ghost is Clear, 2021) (Request)
Amenra - "De Evenmens" from De Doorn (Relapse, 2021)
Respire - "Virtue" from Black Line (Self Released, 2020)
Culted - "Crush My Soul" from Nous (Season of Mist, 2021)
Bunsen - "Pain as Language" from Antiface (Kaos Kontrol, 2021) (Request)
Revenge - "Human Animal" from Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (Season of Mist, 2020) (Request)
Beherit - "The Gate of Nanna" from Drawing Down the Moon (Spinefarm, 1993)
Universally Estranged - "Sentient Meatsack" from Reared Up in Spectral Predation (Blood Harvest, 2021) (Request)
Inoculation - "I Am Where the Forgods Meet" from Celestial Putridity (Maggot Stomp, 2021)
Tiradero de Cadaveres - "Only Death is Real" from The Glorious Entrance to the Spiritual Trance (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation, 2021)
Hallowed Butchery - "Death to All" from Deathsongs From The Hymnal Of The Church Of The Final Pilgrimage (Deathscream, 2020)

Friday, April 30, 2021

End Times Transmission Vol. 516 - The locals only - Saskatoon's Revenge


Black Sabbath - "Sphinx (The Guardian)" from The Seventh Star (Warner Bros, 1986)
Decontrol - "Armed to the Fucking Teeth" from The Final War (Hardcore Holocaust, 2004) (Request)
Nation of Waste - "Infect the Swine" from 12 Song Tape (Self Released, Release date unknown)
Narcissistic - "Temporal Lobe Flesh Wound" from Narcissistic Demo (Self Released, 2006)
Grimace - "Part II" from their split with Sickener (Self Released, 2015)
Mechanical Separation - "Outcast" from As You Can See (Self Released, 2017)
Dour - "Foul Memory" from No Sign of Grief (Self-Released, 2017)
DFA - "Hypocrite" from Destined for Assimilation (Uglypop, 2002)
Poser Disposer - "Drop That Shit" from You Don't Count (Unrest, 2005) (Request)
Rehashed - "White Lies" from Government Cheese (Unrest, 2017)
Axed up Conformist - "The Gamble" from their split with Dehumanized Earth (Self Released, 2019)
Twisted System - "War on Reality" from Twisted System (100% Wild, 2005)
Denogginizer - "Victim of a Botched Circumcision" from ...And Jesus Can Fuck Off! (Self Released, 2013)
Krash - "A Living Hell" from Devastation (Self Released, 2020)
Black Magic Pyramid - "Cops is Buzzkill" from Metronome (Teen Frenzy Records, 2009)
Man Meat - "Jumanji" (Currently Unreleased, Broadcast exclusive) (Request)
Nyet to the Neins - "Leisure and Abuse" from Homely Architexture (Somnambulist Sound System, 2006)
Soul Mates - "The End" from Snake Oil (Deathstrike Publishing, 2016)
The Modules - "Black Ant vs Red Ant" from 10 to 1 It's a Dame or a Drink (Self Released, 2014)
Arson Cult - "Traveling on Someone Else's Dime" from Lay Waste to Past Erections (Self Released,2018)
Riversleem - "Observatory" from A Debut Release by Riversleem (Self Released, 2021)
Adolyne - "Gnashing of the Teeth" from Of Ash/Of Shit/Of Shame (No List, 2015)
Lavagoat - "Ocean Lord" from the Ocean Lord Single (Self Released, 2021) (Request)
Sunndown - "Atlantic Mass (Live)" (Unreleased, recorded July 4th 2006)
Black Autumn - "Sworn Curses of the Heretic" from Black Autumn (Self Released, 2020)

End Times Transmission Vol. 515

Black Sabbath - "Guilty as Hell" from Forbidden (IRS, 1995)
Before & Apace - "Ontogeny" from The Denisovan (Self Released, 2021)
Year of No Light - "Realgar" from Consolamentum (Palegic, 2021)
Portal - "Eye" from Avow (Prfound Lore, 2021)
Lionoka - "The Way of Divine Destiny" from Tides of Triumph (Old Mill Artifacts, 2021)
Spectral Wound - "Mausoleal Drift" from A Diabolical Thirst (Profound Lore, 2021)
KEN mode - "Not Soulmates" from Loved (Season of Mist/New Damage, 2018)
Helmet - "In the Ditch" from The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four (Gill Music, 2021)
Blessings - "A Belly Full of Stone" from Biskopskniven (Pelagic, 2021)
Yautja - "The Spectacle" from The Lurch (Relapse, 2021)
Human Failure - "Your Hope is a Noose" from Crown on the Head of a King of Mud (Sentient Ruin, 2021)