Thursday, May 18, 2017

End Times Transmission Vol. 342

Black Sabbath-  “Sign of the Southern Cross” from Mob Rules (Warner Bros, 1981)
Rehashed - "White Lies" from Government Cheese (Unrest, 2017)
Nasum - "Feed Them/Kill Them/Skin Them" from Inhale/Exhale (Relapse, 1998)
East West Blast Test - "One" from the Contaminated 5.0 compilation (Relaspe, 2003)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - "Her Despair Reeks of Alcohol" from Honky Reduction (Relapse, 1998)
Full of Hell - "The Cosmic Vein" from Trumpeting Ecstacy (Prfound Lore, 2017)
Clinging To the Trees of a Forrest Fire - "They Smeared Shit on their Skin so they Could Blend in at Night" from Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation (Prosthetic, 2010)
Black Magic Pyramid - "Innisfree" from Metronome (Teen Frenzy Records, 2009)
Today is the Day - "Why They Hate Us" from Kiss the Pig (Relapse, 2004)
Bison B.C. - "Windego Pt. 1 (Quest for Fire)" from Quiet Earth (Metal Blade, 2008)
The Melvins - "History of Bad Men" from A Senile Animal (Ipecac, 2006) (Request)
Cloud Rat - "Holding the Picture" from their split with Disrotted (Halo of Flies/Dry Cough, 2017)
Disrotted - "Dissipate" from their split with Cloud Rat (Halo of Flies/Dry Cough, 2017)

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