Saturday, July 15, 2017

End Times Transmission Vol. 351

Black Sabbath - "Hand of Doom" from Paranoid (Warner Bros. 1970)
Batpiss - "Bells for the Victorian Blues" from Rest in Piss (Poison City, 2017)
Black Congress - "Knights" from Unfortunate Hubris (Self Released, 2013)
Art of Burning Water - "Lack of Understatement" from their split with Famine (Superfi Records, 2017)
Bison - "Antiwar" from You are not the Ocean, You are the Patient (Pelagic/No List, 2017)
River Black - "Jaws" from River Black (Season of Mist, 2017) (Request)
Dying Fetus - "Wrong One to Fuck With" from Wrong One to Fuck With (Relapse, 2017) (Request)
Blood Incantation - "Vitrifaction of Blood Pt 1" from Starspawn (Dark Descent, 2016) (Request)
Wulkanaz - "Furmistan Wizaen Fur Frijadaemaz"from Kwetwan Jah Dreuzaz (Ætergap Productions, 2010) (Request)
Phrenelith - "Desolate Endscape" from Desolate Endscape (Me Saco Une Ojo/ Extremely Rotten/Dark Descent, 2017) (Request)
Wilt - "Illusion of Hope" from Moving Monoliths (Bindrune, 2015)
The Melvins - "Flaming Creature" from A Walk with Love and Death (Ipecac, 2017)
Mudhoney - "Here Comes Sickness" from Mudhoney (Sub Pop, 1989)
The Blind shake - "Orange Whip" from Grumpys May Residency (Amphetamine Reptile, 2011)
Cherubs - "Sandy at the Beach" from 2 Ynfynyty (Brutal Panda, 2015)
Unsane - "Windshield" from Visqueen (Ipecac, 2007)
Whores - “Blue Blood” from Clean (Brutal Panda, 2013)
Lydia Lunch - "Burning Skulls" from Retrovirus (UgExplode, 2013)

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