Friday, July 28, 2017

End Times Transmission Vol. 353

Black Sabbath - "Heaven Black" from Tyr (IRS, 1990)
Grimace - "Part II" from their split with Sickener (Self Released, 2016)
Gizzard - "Freerange Hatred" from their split with Gnarwail (Self Released, 2016)
Gorgos - "Struggle Sandwich" from their Fuck Narc Twain split with Horrendous Miscreation (Chet Fuck, 2017)
Necrophilic Cunninglinguist - "Retardation Impregnation" (Self Released, 2014)
Ripperhead - "Rent Snorter" from the Final Masterbation (Self Released, 2016)
Triumvir Foul - "Endless Spiritual Violence" from Triumvir Foul (Blood Harvest, 2015) (Request)
Deathspell Omega - “Wings of Predition” from Paracletus (Season of Mist, 2010)
Judas Iscariot - "Behold our Race of Unstoppable Genius" from Thy Dying Light (Moribund, 1996) (Request)
Couch Slut - "Snake in the Grass" from Contempt (Gilead, 2017)
Great Falls - "Dressing the Saints" from The Fever Shed (Init, 2015)
Anodyne - "Form is Emptiness"  from The Outer Dark (Escape Artist, 2001)
Cult of Luna - "Watchtower" from The Beyond (Earache, 2002) (Request)
Owlcrusher - "Feeble Preacher" from Owl Crusher (Self Released, 2017)
Cavernlight - "A Shell of One's Former Self" from As we Cup our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache (Gilead, 2017)

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